It’s The Time Of Your Life

25 Aug

I don’t get it. I so don’t get it. Why is it always so difficult to make art? Why are people making art as if it is so difficult, so intimately connected with angst, trauma, self-denial? First of all, it’s not hard to make art. It’s fun, it’s great, wonderful and liberating, or it should be why do you otherwise continue? To make really great art might be demanding and laborious, but that doesn’t automatically connected it with fear, sleeplessness or mood-swings.

Further on, art making is not supposed to be connected with tenacity, self-contempt, psychological tension and breakdown. It should be a pleasure to go to the studio, put the key into the lock of your residency atelier, not to mention the premiere, opening or release. Why do you put yourself under the pressure of premieres if you hate them so badly? Why do you expose yourself in this way, if it makes you toss and turn through the nights for weeks, months, years? Premieres should be fantastic, exiting and the time of your life. Let’s celebrate. If nothing else they are reason enough to have another drink! If it is hard to make art, if it is trauma trauma t r a u m a, stop it! Listen carefully, I say this only once: STOP IT!

You don’t have to, you are not obliged, especially today when format, content, deconstruction, appropriation, remixing is open wide and your first task is to not do whatever somebody else has already done. Chill! So if the universe is open like a “svenska flicka” why have any problems at all. This is brilliant we are the winners in whatever we do. Art is about changing the world, so of course its gonna be scary, but you know it’s not the art that is scary it’s what the world might change into. Your angst is not there because it is hard to make art, it is you attacking yourself because you are so embarrassingly scared of not being loved.

So let’s cook this argument. Lets bring it through the Agatha Christie machine. Aha, the problem is the position of responsibility, both in respect of what and when. Stop taking it upon yourself to be responsible for the other, stop taking upon yourself the responsibility of yourself, stop taking upon yourself to be responsible for the state of art. You have only one responsibility and that is to change the world. It is a huge responsibility but it can only take place utilizing a fair amount of, exactly, irresponsibility. And most of all and finally: stop feeling responsible for what people think about you, allow yourself to be considered a fool. Engage in shame, embarrass yourself! Life doesn’t happen to kids that regard humbleness a virtue. Stop behaving, terminate career surveillance, tell you boss to fuck off, sleep with your colleagues (all of them), make art before lunch and make some more just because. Remember it was love at first sight. And I still love you, unconditionally.


2 Responses to “It’s The Time Of Your Life”

  1. Fölet August 25, 2010 at 10:24 #


    • spangberg1000 August 25, 2010 at 10:30 #

      Wow, that’s an elaborate comment. Five exclamation marks that’s a lot of… but what?

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