I’m A Practitioner Of Dance and Choreography and I’m About To Die

31 Aug

Now I’m pissed. Really pissed. Holy shit, I have spent a week on this blog and I’ve had a thousand views and not a single hate comment. The worst that has happened is being accused for being “very old”. What am I doing wrong? This is not good. Either I’m writing far too nice things and people actually enjoy reading, or my texts are simply not hard enough to make you guys upset enough to start up some proper havoc. Do I have to start to expose people with names, go personal and accuse individuals for being nice and friendly?

Nope, this is not good enough. Reading those posts back I realize that I sound like an enthusiast that listens to soul whilst putting my blog together. Is all that I could accomplish another sweet talking blog that is not worthy of its name, but should be re-baptized “I’m available.” Spangbergianism is as evil as an interior decoration blog, as dangerous as if the blog was concerned with the pedigree of some common aquarium fish. If this blog would be any good I should at least have Kanye West as a follower and a million views, but no I’ve had a thousand. Did it make me famous, nope! Did I make a hundred thousand dollars, nope! Should I stop, yes probably but no fuckin’ way, I’m going on until I have exhausted every opportunity to make a mess. I refuse to fall into the abyss of cynicism, I refuse to be seduced by the tempting embrace of cultural policy.

Shit, is the situation in dance and choreography so tragic that its practitioners don’t even remember how to put up a proper fight? Is the only response we are able to produce an indifferent consent? I’m ready to think so cuz over the last years I haven’t experienced a single provocative performance, not one artistic statement that has made me raise an eyebrow, not even my own. I can’t record anything in dance that has given me reason to question my political perspectives, nothing that has made me make a comment that was concerned with issues outside the business. From time to time I have forced myself to get upset about the misuse of resources or the lame attitude in programming. But hell, that is so not good enough. Fine, this is neo-liberalism what do I expect. Something to happen… not really, but it still makes me want to get depressed when what I hear is choreographers compulsively repeating sentences including “at least”. “-At least it wasn’t that bad.” “-At least, there is something in the program that I’m curious about.” “-One performance is at least better than nothing.” Aspirations my fellow choreographers, aspirations! Is this the best we can do?

Visiting the Gothenburg Dance and Theatre Festival last week was as exiting as having dinner with a bottle of Evian. Checking out the performances of Impulstanz for an entire month was as provocative as a global climate change conference in Copenhagen. And here I am at Tanz Im August and I’m so bored that I end up listening to jazz instead of chasing co-production deals.

For a while dance was at least ontologically speaking contemporary, but nowadays programs are swarmed by reconstructions and pieces that celebrate dead choreographers. Congratulations, it’s obviously perfect to do a show featuring an ex Cunningham dancer. And I know what you will say… “-The piece was made already before Merce died.” Yeah, sure but that doesn’t mean that you have to tour it. You can also say, no! Do you need the money so badly, affirmation without any conditions? What you are doing is making our art form age faster than necessary, or turn it around you don’t make it age fast enough so we could start something else up. But here we are, art form or not, the point is that its politics are completely empty and its rhetorics more dead than that of a communist party. Think about it, how do you contribute to its transformation?
The first questions we have to ask ourselves when we set out to make something: Is this truly contemporary? If you are not 100% sure, start again. Begin from the beginning. Stop being enthusiastic, be fanatic.

I will give myself one more week. I still have hopes for myself and I still have hope about all of you. I love this art from, I sincerely do. I’m a practitioner of dance and choreography and I’m about to die.

Ps. If I die, no reconstructions, please. Por favor, no dedication pieces (“For Pina” how embarrassing). Then I’ll have to die a second time.


2 Responses to “I’m A Practitioner Of Dance and Choreography and I’m About To Die”

  1. rasmus August 31, 2010 at 09:07 #

    Hatkampanjtipps från Studio Total!


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