Forbid Showings

1 Sep

Forbid showings! They are a menace and nothing but a grey day. Stop them, they are like Prozac – they make you happy for the wrong reason. Stop them, they are calls for help – “-I don’t know what to do now, help me? Offer me a solution.”

A choreographer explains, what we will experience is the result of a weeks work. Stop this apologetic bullshit, at least keep up a good face. Do you apologize before a one-night stand, too?
A choreographer says, “-Great if you come. It’s gonna be rough but I’m really interested in what you think.” Stop that, what rough? Do you also apologize before burring your nails in your lovers back?

Come on, don’t do this to yourself – showings are like going out clubbing making out with a bunch of – both men and women – finally going home alone masturbating to lesbian porn.
Showings are your contribution to the prevailing power distribution. Your showing is a means for other choreographers, programmers and education directors to make sure you are not doing something inappropriate, that you don’t jeopardize power centers or shake some things identity.

Showings are your contribution to the immobilization of dance, showings is like pacifism without arms.
Very promising but basically a laugh.

No I’m not proposing the prevalence of premieres, that’d be a reindustrialization of theatre as a classical commodity.
No I’m not proposing some neo-liberal version of the emancipated spectator, that’d just be a call for be more your self.
Don’t be proud, for gods sake don’t be proud. Fuck showings – SHOW OFF – and if you’re anyways taking somebody home for the night the nails trick is not enough. Holding back is so 00’s it’s time to put our your diabolic self. Suffering is the new amazipation.


4 Responses to “Forbid Showings”

  1. Wojtek September 1, 2010 at 10:31 #

    Very funny. Made my day.
    The only thing that is hazy (what a coincidence!) is the end. What is it exactly you propose?
    What is the meaning of the last sentence?
    Forget the in-between, and admit that you are where you are, without the bullshit precautions and warnings?
    But don’t the bullshit precautions and warnings sometimes help to travel? Not all works are self-explanatory, certainly not in an initial stage and not for everyone. Is it a confirmation of insecurities? Certainly. Is it a good exercice to go out a lot and feel comfortable before you go for the big shot? Why not? And even having said that, the conventions of a one-night stand, its dramaturgy, are pretty standard. No need to really work on it a lot beforehand (although some people do, and not without success). But isn’t the whole problem and excitement of a performance the possibility of going beyond the recognition pattern? And if that’s so, dating a bit can be really excellent, and possibly allow for fucking amazing nights in a while. But then of course, dating is quite a different metaphor to clubbing. Clubbing is body consumption. Hello, neoliberal language games!
    And it’s not enough to say your proposition is not about premieres. You still end up there. Unless you have another, clear, solution? I’ll take three, then. And the bonus track, if you have any left.

    PS: Your post in my browser is underscored with the publicity: Visit Israel. You will never be the same again.

  2. Nic September 1, 2010 at 12:51 #

    how about only showings. only choreography that promises to be incomplete and undistributable.

  3. MOMO September 3, 2010 at 08:57 #

    What did you see?
    Warm ups!
    Let´s warm up and change the lingo and write more.
    Your on the google map of STHLM, PAF and festivals.
    Change the site.
    Offer something else.

    Warm up!

  4. U.C September 3, 2010 at 11:22 #

    Working observations from the last year and a half ( to thinking, non-decorative dance and performance makers waiting to get into institutional showing)

    1. Do not wait to be picked up
    2. Do not send e-mails to the institution programmers waiting to be answered. They receive 100 e-mails per day each. Most of which they delete- especially if they never heard of you. Some of which they forward to their secretaries.
    3. Be ready to wait for the 10 next years – or observed for the next 5 if you want to regularly enter in the institutional showing program.
    3. Do not send your proposals to open calls.
    7. Forbid entrance to programmers if they come as programmers to see you. They might come as friends but then forbid them to buy you.
    4. Do not call them. They will call you. They normally don’t. Do not call them.
    5. Make fun about yourself. Don’t get depressed.
    6. Be ready to smile when there is nothing to smile about. Be servile but acknowledge it.
    4. SHOW OFF
    6. Make actions not performances.


    do the opposite of this – excessively.

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