Resurrection? Not Exactly

15 Sep

God, I despise that film scene when the protagonist wakes up in a coffin and after some initial mandatory panicking, bloody fists and so on, recollects the subject and visa-vi good reasoning either starts digging or comes up with some genuinely smart solution. Break out.

The nightmare isn’t to wake up in a coffin but the realization that I thought Uma Thurman was sort of cool in “Kill Bill”. – – disguisting – – I don’t want to know but can only guess what tacky symbolism the buried alive scene carries. But perhaps it is time – it certainly is – to leave Oedipus behind and take up Antigone again, but this time we have to take her from behind or so to say play the drama in reverse. Our present day Antigone must insist on keeping her brothers out of the ground. They must not be put into the ground, never put to rest or prepared for a spectacular Houdini like resurrection. Quentin Tarantino forgot for a crucial moment there to resist psychoanalysis and let Uma just die, or like wake up in any space whatevers. Shitgodamn, sadness he runs all the way into the core of Freudianism and becomes a CIA agent highest rank, i.e. Central Identity Agency. What however is surprising is that the coffin scene isn’t in every Woody Allen film, but then on second thought the coffin is the only scene there is in every Woody Allen film. – admiration – Stop going to Woody movies – how could he not screw his daughter or whatever, that’s not the reason. Stop watching Allen flicks, stop yourself from comments like “-He’s funny”, or babbling about his passionate relation to New York. You know what, he is the fuckin Dumbledore, Don Corleone and freakin Darth Vader of CSI.

Your job is not to stab yourself in back in order to resurrect, exactly not! You are dead: there is no beginning to start from. And thank good for that nothing to continue. Leave all ideas behind, forget your legacies in a road stop hotel, abandon the choices you have to make. Enter the desert, bring a barrel of oil and start your mission: lateralize. Fuck resurrection, fuck insurrection, fuck any pre of postfix, if anything surrection, no strings attached. Pure intensity.

Your identity is not the sum of your relations. Detach your relations form yourself, and operate without mission. Only if we leave the current obsession on identity, only if we let go of desiring representation in the dominant discourses – the workers movement is ontologically over – forget your activist past – only if we push out the coffin scene also from the deleted scenes department can we bring it on like a decent cheerleading trope. This is not about satisfaction, this is not about you or me, this is not about the subject standing up, this is not about Antigone’s brothers, so not about Obi-Wan Kenobi, this is so not about creativity, this is about group sex and the creation of the world. A breach of the condition for success!
The time is now for rotten politics, the time is now to fuck Woody and vote for putrefaction. Stop the revolution, the future is built on de-solidification. Abandon ship, motherfuckers.


4 Responses to “Resurrection? Not Exactly”

  1. Vampirilla Silvestre September 16, 2010 at 06:45 #

    The important is not choice is CHANCE. Make chances not choices. Permit yourself to be what you’ve always been. Although you look like a cliché, although you disgust yourself, although you are ashamed of yourself. You have to run of self-creation like of a plague.

    Forget relationships as legitimization of your work, because that are not opportunities, they are the death of your work, is paralysing, too personal. Be in conexion but not in relation. Relation is too much, relation is for life but not for work. We have to exchange energy not to steal it. Be cold, be neutral and you will obtenin energy. Energy it is not personal, it is exciting, intense, but nothing to do with given the pat on the back.

    And of course the enthusiasm is great, if you really believe in it. Becoming a fanatic is like being in love in the most pure and enlightened form. But never think in a leader, never think there is something higher. Everything is on the surface. If you think that something is below or above it is because you’re in a mythical world. Qué carajo! be contemporaneous!.

    Our weapons have to wound the surface, hurt, but of course in a beautiful way (that does not mean aesthetic) and with a touch of humor, that kind of humor that makes you laugh before falling asleep when you go to bed with a wounded body. Sorprise! the unholy resurrection happens.

    • Marten Spangberg September 17, 2010 at 01:00 #

      Risk isn’t good enough. Chance is already within the possible and concerned with assessment. Conceptual is a safe haven, concepts are pure movement that change the conditions for chance, that remodel the very notion of risk.

      • Vampirilla Silvestre September 17, 2010 at 14:02 #

        we must choose where we want be in order to be able to improve opportunities

      • Marten Spangberg September 18, 2010 at 18:20 #

        Nja, that’s only difference in one direction, we must insist on more to differ from out own differing. If we know where we came from, it’s makes little difference. Smooth is not starting somer or other place, has no dramaturgy in time nor in space. No to starting points, no to trampolins.

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