Be Special Be Free

23 Sep

The second most uncool person in the history of mankind right now is probably Oliver Stone. Oh, not another I-want-to-be-special American film maker, but yes if Casey made a fool of himself, the new “Wallstreet” movie could also have “I’m Still Here” as catch-phrase. Another Wallstreet? Are you serious, like in 2010 – and on top of everything with Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko, again? Oliver Stone has really made an effort to put himself in deep shit. I like it! How embarrassing, Wallstreet part 2 – what would Hegel, Marx, Marcuse and Zizek say about about about that? Ehh –first as tragedy the second time as farce. The addition would obviously be that the farce might be a far worse tragedy than the first, as most follow ups, but today it is too late even for a farce and instead we have introduced crisis management. Is Wallstreet Oliver Stones answer to Michael Moore, how doesn’t it deal with recession economy or become a promotion campaign for a neo-liberalism worthy of Fukuyama. How the hell do you maneuver yourself out of sentimentality revisiting a world where Brooks Brothers suits are what you put on when you poke around in the garden on your roof terrace?

Oliver Stone is my new hero, totally – no, I didn’t see the film yet – it opens in Stockholm tomorrow – he is my new hero cuz from where I stand he can not not have understood that this can but be a flop. He doesn’t need the money, he is in no need of fame, so why? Oliver and Michael hanging out together, brainstorming – that’s a brilliant idea! Wallstreet 2, and they didn’t consider the fact that any broker on that street would probably advice them not to? Or is this where myself, dance and choreography hasn’t understood that this is what really brings in the bacon, this is where the gold is buried: in repetitions of formats that have no future and therefore are perfectly safe to invest in? In any case what makes money is not the quality, the specificity or even the success of a movie, it is that is being done. The actual film is just a token for the circulation of value, Hollywood is no longer a film industry but like any other contemporary business – pure distribution.

Wallstreet isn’t “I’m still here” but “Money Never Sleeps” which we hope points back to bio-capitalism, but it will probably in any case be hooked up with some moral BS promoting the American way. But Michael is good, I liked him in “Falling Down” and in “The Game” so it might be that he puts on the evil face and does it again. It would be so amazingly fab if Stone and Douglas have made a movie about contemporary capitalism and turned their backs to the sentimentality of the last so many years of globalism, anti globalism, Naomi Klein, Al Gore, carbon footprints, burning cars and an ever-growing nationalism (Fuck Denmark). What if those dudes didn’t walk into the trap of more and more fear, and commodified fear – the Cosby show for the 21st century – but instead turned all those fears intso simple monsters, scary things that would go away when we turn on the light or brush them away with a broom. But that would of course be even more embarrassing, so perhaps and I guess so, Oliver Stone can only make a film that is deeply and utterly depressing, turning everything around and forcing upon the spectator the idea that Hollywood is no longer suckin’ your money, making you a passive consumer that is actually not there in the multiplex cuz they want you to pay for the movie but so that you will spend money on nachos – oh, I like that plastic cheese sauce – no today it’s you that consumes Hollywood, at the same time as you are working for them, they work for you, they make you make money. Yeah, it’s weird but this is Wallstreet, money never sleeps – the gangster isn’t needed anymore, the hustler isn’t needed anymore, the smiling car sales man is not needed anymore, the stock broker is not needed any more, we just need to move and process, and money is produced. It’s the circulation that counts, this is the moment when general intellect has turned i ching and power arbitrary.

So what are we doing in dance and choreography? I’m so happy and so depressed. Nothing can get worse, what possibly could – that the government would terminate the support to the local festival – they wouldn’t anyway – it’s like, hello, if I wanted to kill you I would have shot you long ago – the local government is as much a prisoner as we are – what bio-capitalism has accomplished is the commodification of desire.

The revolution doesn’t arise from interests or needs but from desire for desire. But what about when desire is already a commodity, productive of economy, even in its pure or abstract form. I thought that liberty was the dark side of our present predicament: so wrong – the real thing is that desire itself is making money that never sleeps. But then isn’t this the moment to celebrate dance and choreography, we just have to jump over any ideas of gradual, upgrade, development, little by little, and jump onto the train full-speed-ahead now. It is time that we hook up with Gordon Gekko, hire two producers and a marketing agency before we even start thinking about production. You don’t need to be original, you don’t need to have a good idea, your good idea is to circulate, move, render, be mobile at any price, this is the only way of leaving behind the powers we so like to serve, so like to get addicted to, the poewers that boost your identity. Let’s integrate money in everything we do, it’s all corporate, all commercial, the money you get from the council is also sponsor economy and your only task is to make it move. It’s not about the work, it’s about speed, but not only fast, it’s about changing the speed and making sure never to become original. Stay mainstream, create you own territory, not because you like, dislike, love or hate, but just because. Do as much as you can just because, be enigmatic and undecided, be vague and esoteric, appear totally free from judgment. Make dance pieces. A lot of them.
Be special. Be free.

ps. and I mean it, really. Respect.


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