Last Meeting People

30 Sep

Scrutinize yourself, what kind of a person are you? Are you a person that has opinions, do you express other’s opinions or do you actually stand tall? Are you ready to clench fists and pay the consequences?

Tell you what, opinions are like creativity or imagination, a great medicine for people that want to remain on the safe side. Opinions are for graphic designers and musicians that make soundtracks for dance pieces. “-It’s a good way to fill the gaps in my economy”, exactly, you talk about your devotion, the importance of your own project, but in fact you don’t have a project, or your project will always just be a project. Stop pretending and get yourself a kid.

Opinions are a means to stay under the roof, to maintain yourself within the balanced and well-meaning. Stop it.
Most people in the arts have understood that having opinions is a good and healthy strategy. Have you forgotten that opinions are not about to produce urgency – which is a pissy word – or, say, any impact on the current situation. Opinions are just bad excuses. But of course – – OMG – – you don’t want to dismiss an argument, appear narrow-minded or categorical, but is that really the situation? Just because you occupy a position doesn’t necessarily mean that you are obsessively about to converge every other person. Opinions are just for you who want to surround youself with consensus, or the illusion of it. Take a stand, give me something that contests my position. Beat me up.

In the creative industries including art a particular character has emerged. The so called “last-meeting person”, you know people with a little bit of power but not on the top positions, that change their perspective in respect of their last meeting, and I tell you those people have a lot of meetings. These are people that want to, and find it important to have opinions, but the sad thing is that the opinions that they have always belong to the person that they met last. It’s particularly common among dance programmers – dramaturges hired by dance venues, ouch – and you wonder: “-aha, oh that was a u-turn. Oh, but that’s actually a reiteration of the opinions of…” Those people are obviously far smarter than myself, because they have understood that this is a strategy that makes them immune to any claim, subject to any conflict and always benevolent to everything. On the other hand those people are always afraid, always scared and they sleep well at night but they have never experienced fear. But then they have never had anything else than half bad sex, and they are sloppy bottoms. The only really bad thing with those is that they end up in dance because they are too stupid to fit into some other more lucrative business, and they support each other endlessly. Sit in each other’s boards, sleep in the same bed, and produce more blanket-like policy that avoids exclusion of any kind at any cost. What the last meeting person fears most of all is collateral damage.

They endure. They know they are not really loved or even appreciated but they persevere until too many have forgotten that they have nothing to offer, zero to add and are totally void of conviction. Those people would never give up their salary, but love to complain about bad budgets, they are full of see-through excuses “-We would really like to present your work but…” – you are so lame you can’t even tell me up in the face. They persevere until they are just part of the landscape and impossible to get rid of.

Scrutinize yourself, do you actually have an opinion, or do you prefer to repeat after?

Take a stand, I know it’s impossible but just do it. Get ready to lose your honor, if it can’t be stated on the basis of expression to take a stand can also mean staging the impossible and living the consequences. You won’t be successful, because your position will not be confirmative to all and everybody, but are you ready to give yourself up for general accessibility. Are you that cheap? Sell out without return. Take a stand, and you will fear –but at least you will know you are alive.

Fuck opinions, they like you, like creativity, imagination, concentration and enthusiasm. Take a stand, stop thinking vis-à-vis policy, act categorically, be fanatic. Utilize instruments you can’t master, play Helmut Lachenmann and do it as loud as you possibly can. No, louder than that and with a sub-woofer.


One Response to “Last Meeting People”

  1. Vampirilla Silvestre October 1, 2010 at 13:12 #

    Seduce me and I will take a stand. Manipulated me and I will contest whatever and whoever. I will be espectacular but not as a big show just as being seduced by one gaze. The gaze of show me different of who I am supposed to be, of who the people think I am. This is the fear of not knowing, of being surprise between the appearance and disappearance. I just want to get the impulse and make holes, not as absence, but as something in between. The excess of nowhere.

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