Opinions Is Like NYC Dance

21 Oct

“-Here we aren’t trying to reproach each other, you know, convince each other through argument. We… it’s not very productive, you know. We are… rather, trying to form opinions.”

The reason why Americans came to Europe twenty of thirty years ago advocating the importance of abandoning judgment wasn’t exactly an accident or misunderstanding. Oh, and by the way, tonight Spangbergianism is written from Amsterdam the centrefold of lack of judgment and hippy education [Ehhh, the centre of bad consciousness and Calvinism, I’m convinced it was CIA that sent these dance flappy improvisers over here]. Remember to spit on Andy Warhol, he was a fuckin’ hippy and supporter of stepping back in favor of indifference. Great business model, but how embarrassingly last Friday. Look, it’s not cool to be a fan of Andy, it’s as fucked up as admiring John Cage, or stating, after thorough thinking, that “The Bicycle Thief” is the number one movie of all time [Oh, obviously I think so…].

So why did they? Non-judgmental… Because they came from another word, because they arrived from a continent that was overwhelmingly homogenized, from a society that had just disqualified a handful of upcoming economies in South America and experienced ’68 with a pair of binoculars. They came from a time that had seen Woodstock but still worshipped Balanchine, that had seen Easy Rider next to Vietnam war, so of course they preached a whole bunch of go soft attitude things. Let’s get precarious and free sex. But only in the warm-up, you know already in the beginning of the 70s they all got constipated and moved, make their living on teaching, teaching and teaching even more. – – Fuck Vermnont – – The dance scene in NYC is a great environment, wasn’t it for a few too many of passionate oldies safeguarding their positions or on the other hand, slightly younger really mediocre people that maintain the importance of the oldies because they know that as long as they are there, their comfortable position is safe and sound.

Renounce Movement Research, ask them to not just stop sending you their newsletter, ask them to stop doing it to everybody in the whole world. Movement Research is like a family day celebrating vintage cars, a class reunion taking place five days a week every week in front of a five or six generations younger audience. If dance in NYC should have any change, get rid of everybody over 30, seriously. – – send Miss Brown to Montpellier – – All of them, producers, choreographers, set-designers – all of them – and everybody called Barbara – no exclusion. All of them! If you one more time produce a memorial evening, if you one more time do an anniversary something show, it’s over forever. And the result is Dance Theatre Workshop, an oversized venue without any attitude at all.

The non-judgmental that one day came over to Europe, and stayed too long, has become so amazingly hegemonic in the New York that nothing what-so-ever can happen. Also and of course because it is admired, we all want to go to NYC to feel the authentic and become artists. No, there are no exceptions. Whatever you say, there are no exceptions! No, you might think it looks different but it doesn’t, it’s just you who want it so badly. It’s all the same soft bullshit watching out for some authenticity, the same authenticity but from time to time punked up with some extra high leg movements or a whatever an identity dance, where the ballet trained dancer with a Cunningham legacy – oh dear self-pity – is doing some yoga inspired formal choreography with a plastic sculpture of Madonna introduced to the behind. New York dance is over, and the more we write about it – except me naturally – the more nice and bad, and critical critiques we write about it and the pieces the more harm we do. All you dance critics in New York, stop now. This is also good cuz then you will not be able to complain anymore. It’s is remarkable New York City can pride itself with the most provincial dance world wide.

Judgment is totally great. It’s absolutely necessary, and you can’t hide. The moment we try to get away from it, other regimes will emerge and dominate discourse, activity, feeling and sensation. Judgment makes production possible, makes differentiation capable, non-judgmental interaction is not about to produce no fuckin nothing except the sensation, but only in the beginning, of feeling free and creative. Creative is a bad thing, you are not imaginative just because you jump around a little bit crazy. Judge Judge Judge, and be categorical about it.

You wish to get rid of judgment for two reasons… Oh, I forgot the one about offering space to each and everybody. Are you so fuckin naïve that this is your image of democracy? Go home! It’s the other way around, democracy if that is even a favorable concept, is based on the necessity of the individual or a group to claim space. The moment with space is offered you and your fluffy colleagues will drown in your own ability. Democracy has one fabulous feature; it makes you feel like shit. What you produce is a feel good life where Bill Cosby will be President for all times. Judge Judge Judge. Don’t feel shame. It’s OK if you are not articulated or have no idea. If something is crap it’s all fine. You know, if somebody asks you to come to a showing or whatever, if somebody comes up to you after the show and asks: “-What did you think?” Don’t fall for non-judgmental – just spit it out: CRAP. Say, you loved it and talk about it for far too long. Stop being from Manhattan, stop living in Lower East Side, stop being proud about yourself for curating a little I forget the name festival, that present ninety percent local artists that I also forgot the name of. Stop collaborating with Movement Research and stop reading that idiotic magazine. Stop.

The reasons for why we don’t want to reproach each other, the reason that we don’t want to contest each other’s argument is simple. The reason why we here want to produce a little opinions or something is because we have no idea what the hell we are doing. Because we don’t know what we are talking about and because we don’t know how to run a class that is more then ninety minutes long and have no idea what so ever about what a workshop is? The reason for why the NYC dance scene is what it is, is because it’s full of mediocre people that know they are mediocre and love to belong.

Be judgmental and you will know, at least you will have a fight, or get hit on the nose. Judge to save yourself from release depression. Judge in order to shun critical distance. Judge others and fuck being self-critical in order to make art that is not like sleeping with a Celine Dion hit. Judge in order to be in time and remain too ambitious. Be completely unreliable, judge left and right, use inappropriate language and judge again. Anything that is worth talking about can stand an upright introspection and will not suffocate for being called shit, crap or stupid. Judge the NYC and you will, it’s so bad it’s not even crap. Judge French dance and you will see that it’s also quite sad. Hmmm, I wonder when we will pop into something fun? You know what, wouldn’t it be terrible to come out of every dance show with a blissful smile on our faces. What about if all those dance performance you have endured where really amazing, what kind of world would that be? A utopia of mediocre? One thing’s for sure I don’t want to live there. It’s called Sloterdijk, it’s known as house music, it’s called anthropology. Stand up, be a revolutionary. The time of the revolutionary is over, so over, and yet stand up for it. Revolution, com padre. Don’t you dare call me brother.


6 Responses to “Opinions Is Like NYC Dance”

  1. PeO October 21, 2010 at 20:46 #

    Behövs ett forum där konstnärlig forskning/utveckling *publicerar* sig?

    “Autonomi är bra men medel är bättre”
    Eller hur ska tilldelning av medel funka i framtiden?
    Hur vill vi att det ska funka?
    Jag är *orolig* hur *mätning* och tilldelning av medel kommer att fungera från nästa år och framåt!

    Mårten! rock on!


  2. Cristina Rizzo October 21, 2010 at 22:51 #

    who are you anon? why don’t you call yourself with your proper name? and what is your problem?
    Andy Warhol was not an hippy but a big monster, a human monster who found a way to survive in spite of all the rest of humans.

    • PeO October 26, 2010 at 21:52 #

      Yupp! Andy W had a good deal of “monster” to handle. But do we relay wanna talk about dead artist or how artist should survival and communicate?

      • Colette Brandenburg December 3, 2010 at 12:38 #

        “If dance in NYC should have any change, get rid of everybody over 30, seriously. – – send Miss Brown to Montpellier – – All of them, producers, choreographers, set-designers – all of them – and everybody called Barbara – no exclusion.” While I disagree with the over 30- I think you ‘re amazingly hilarious and spot on a lot of your comments! Every artist should say fuck a bit more often!!

  3. ajohnny December 26, 2010 at 01:32 #

    You have a lot of great ideas that I really agree with, but the issue is not with the Lower East Side, or Judson, or DTW, or NYC, or any one place or group of people. The problem is one that concerns all of dance. Whatever personal quibbles you may have with these organizations (what did MR do to you to make you so mad?!) get in the way of what you really want to say. Which is a shame, because what you’re saying is pretty important and true.

  4. azonips June 6, 2011 at 09:43 #

    “The time of the revolutionary is over?” what are you talking about dude!

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