Spangbergianism Release Today, Impulstanz at Midnight

29 Jul

Shitgoddamn no blog-post today neither, this festival makes me lazy or perhaps the dinner parties and nightly sessions on education etc. in performance beats the shit out of me. Never mind a terrible curse – and I’m a good participant – has hit the dance field. Look – the contemporary notion of nomad was more or less invented by Delueze and Guattari somewhere around 1970 – an excellent concept developed at a time where European welfare state needed heterogenization like dance needs a move. The nomad could be understood as an individual or entity that engaged in self-precarization, somebody that so to say moved out of the city into the desert and thus created an actual resistance to the homogenous state apparatus. The nomad in D/G is connected to the war-machine, a deterritorializing entity that produced a kind of fear in respect of the state. Obviously that state created its own war-machines, yeah “they” were necessary to make the state dynamic enough to produce its own protection against general stagnation. The war-machine showed no mercy, took no prisoners and could be said to be a kind of a mercenary – somebody who fights at the side that pays the best – fuck ideology, responsibility and fair play. The nomad was for D/G a good guy, however in disguise. The nomad fucked things up.
Today the stakes are slightly different. If we agree on the notion that capitalism has become ubiquitous and that there is no possibility for actual resistance but that capitalism today is both the enemy [not in the sense of returning to communism or similar] and the empowering force vis-à-vis emancipation. Or simply where neo-liberalism has become the one and only… that means that the nomad and the war-machine too have become perfect participants in the greater machinery capitalism. To be a nomad today implies to be just what capital wants and the nomad is non other than somebody standing in the middle of that shopping mall where everything is available and it is just a matter of pick and choose. Nomad today is that expansive intensity that capitalism gets a hard on from. Nomad today is nothing else than yet another self-enhancing strategy, nomad today is just a creative son of a bitch, nomad today equals self-employed, project-based, precarious, semi-capitalist, virtuoso, fuckin’ perfect.

Remember, to be an artist today is to be a good citizen. We are not “allowed” to make art because politicians like art, no, it’s because it’s good for something, and that something is general consumption. And by the way you won’t become less of a participant in capitalism because you are poor, have no state subsidy, live at the countryside or are greedy, nope capitalism is not about the degree of participation, it’s all over the place. Capitalism is like a Pollock paintings, all over, not uniformal but all over.

The nomad has no future, not now at least, but if one is interested in some form of resistance a new strategy must be invented, one that is incompatible with capitalism, and the only way around this is to turn to speculation, to say goodbye to correlationism and the oh so tedious anthropocentric project of Kant and the lot.

And by the way this terrible term sharing, with the extension exchange, it’s nothing good with that. Sharing is another word for stock-market behavior [Alice Chauchat I love you] – affordance and investment. Sharing is at best dealing with openness but again who needs openness, openness consolidates what we already know, openness is the very opposite of speculation. Fuck that.

One more thing, stop thinking that non-judgmental is anything good. What does it make, it makes people from San Francisco say: “-You are so judgemental” and what can you say about that. Well, didn’t the shit from SF exactly become two things – judgmental and obsolete, i.e. impossible to argue with? Today, what we need is not openness, liberation, exchange and sharing what we need is positions, we need people, a lot of them, that dare to take a stand, that refuse negotiation but never stops discussing – or better never stop trying to convince.

There was a world where non-judgmental was awesome, yes exactly a world that needed nomads, but today – no way – no way – what we need are clear-cut fuckin decisions. One more smooth space is nothing good, today that is what neo-liberal regimes desire most. Striate yourself and get ready for a fight.

You know why people talk so much about how the piece was after the show, only talking about composition, light-design, professionalism, maybe the solo should have been after the duo and so on – yes, it’s because nothing of such talking can be held against you – you can’t be accountable for it even for five seconds. If you thought that the light was such and such that’s just a matter of taste.
What we need today is political critique, critique of the ideological, political, value etc. that a performance or whatever purports. Do it for yourself if you don’t dare to speak it and you will see that more or less all the stuff that you see today is not even disguised right-wingness, it’s pseudo neo-liberal garbage that by taking the “no” stand actually takes the stand of capital. Shape up, make communist performances.

Yet, there will be no blog-post today but mind you, today is the first release of Spangbergianism the book, at Impulstanz Vienna at midnight. It’s 174 pages and not a single apology.
More over this is just the first release out of ten or so that will happen in Europe and all over the world in the next few months. Too many copies have been printed so come about and take with you a bunch for your friends, enemies, the smiling hippies in your dance community, the right-wing performance makers in your city and start up endless discussions that engage in political critique, in the formations of new or other strategies that dare to stand tall and never give up.

ps. up until right now Spangbergianism has 22.081 views. Do you think that is enough?


2 Responses to “Spangbergianism Release Today, Impulstanz at Midnight”

  1. Anonymous July 30, 2011 at 04:49 #

    (for this last ‘entry’ – the book I didn’t read yet ;-))

    Congrats Mr.Speculating-Who !

    (were you drunk or just naturally sharing the don’t share ?)

  2. Simon Ellis (@simonkellis) September 4, 2011 at 20:21 #

    Hello Marten. Where, where, where might I find a copy? Cheers, Simon

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