– a state of mind

Shitgoddamn, a new beginning and seconds start. This is where it takes of, Spangbergianism takes on the blog format and moves into the sphere of superficial messy warfare. What it is all about, it’s as often as possible and as mean as mean can be. A format without mercy and the option for me to leave the business I’ve been in for just a bit too long. Spangbergianism is an attempt to become sovereign, to be expelled, kicked out and that’s of course a pretentious comment, so I will of course not… so tell me what it is about: this is about what’s next, it doesn’t offer content, this is about silver and screen. This about OTT-ness and losing it.

This blog is about a fool, a failure, an eccentricity, a dead-end, a by-product of a history that had more enduring and more valuable prizes to offer. It cannot be recognised by the organization as something meaningful or purposeful. It is a joke, a madman, a fashion victim.

From today on, 22 August, the intention is to pass a blog post on a daily basis, it’s reflecting dance and choreography as spectacle in every possible sense, but it’s not about trend or market. This is about too much too soon.

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